Antique clocks & pocket watches collecting guide

Antique clocks identification


An antique clock guide and information section – read and learn about antique clock identification, vintage timepieces collecting, antique and vintage clocks prices, repair and maintenance.

antique clocks value


Know how much an antique clock worth, read about antique clocks value and appraisal, grading and condition, what are the most valuable and expensive antique clocks in the world.

antique wall clocks


Learn how to identify an antique wall clock, read and know the different types of wall clocks created by renown makers , appreciate the unique styles of rustic wall clocks, patriotic, vintage clocks and the retro designs.

grandfather clocks


Grandfather clocks identification guide for collectors and buyers, know who are the reputable longcase makers and dealers, learn how to determine the value of your grandfather clocks. Guide for grandfather clock maintenance & repair.

antique mantel clocks


Comprehensive articles that will help you to identify different types of mantle clocks, know the different mantel clock designs. Who are the famous mantel clock makers and trusted dealers. Basic maintenance & repair for mantel clocks.

anniversary clocks


Read what are anniversary clocks. Guide in collecting and buying 400 day clocks. Learn how to determine the value of your anniversary clock collections. Information on how to maintain and repair any types of anniversary clocks.

pocket watches


Follow our complete guide on how to collect antique and vintage pocket watches. Our guide includes how to maintain, repair, buying and selling tips. Learn what are the rarest and most expensive pocket watches ever created.

What’s inside?

All about antique and vintage clocks information and guide for collecting, buying, clock identification, knowing the value and prices of certain antique clocks and pocket watches, repair and maintenance of antique timepieces.

We also have articles about the types of antique clocks that you can buy and collect, you get to know all unique types and design of antique clocks as well as railroad pocket watches. Read about vintage, retro and old clocks information that will help you in determining the most valuable and expensive antique timepieces.