URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Machine Pocket Watch – A Guide

The URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Device, often referred to as the "Pocket Watch," is an extraordinary and highly complex pocket watch created by the Swiss luxury watchmaker URWERK. This timepiece is a testament to URWERK's commitment to pushing the boundaries of horological innovation.

URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Machine Pocket Watch

In the picture above you can observe the Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Machine Pocket Watch. What makes this pocket watch one of the most complicated modern pocket watch? Read more about this in our informative article below about the UR-1001 Zeit Machine.

An unique pocket watch

The URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Machine Pocket Watch is part of a collection of high-end timepieces crafted by the famous swiss luxury watch maker URWERK. However; The UR-1001 pocket watch is a limited edition piece; only eight pieces were released, which makes this pocket watch truly unique.

URWERK watches are well-known for their unique style and make. This is reflected in this clock, the actually first ever pocket watch produced by the company, and considered as one of the most complicated and rarest timepieces ever created.

Visually exciting clock

The UR-1001 is visually hypnotic to behold; its dials and complex mechanical movement encased in smooth black metal. With its oversized dog tag shape, the piece looks like some fancy military gear. It fits right on your palm and is possibly the coolest watch in the market today.

The watch is made of a non-magnetic metal alloy that is resistant to rusting & corrosion. This makes the pocket watch durable and stable under extreme temperatures.

1,000 years indicator & satellite timekeeping

Two of the most striking features of this modern pocket watch are the 100-year and 1000-year indicators. More than just a collector’s item, the Zeit device will therfore still keep track of the total running time even after you’re long gone.

It also showcases URWERK’s signature satellite system that they used in their past watches. There are two dials that make use of this.

The first dial is used to tell the time with its hour and minute hands in a retrograde manner. The second dial, a new addition uses the satellite to indicate the month and date and enables the device to figure out whether the month has 30 or 31 days.

The UR-1001 features an indicator that displays different colors for different moments of the day; plus a mechanism that let’s the owner know when it is time for the watch to be serviced.

Key features and characteristics of the URWERK UR-1001 Pocket Watch:

  1. Astronomical Timepiece: The UR-1001 is not just a simple timekeeping device; it’s a sophisticated astronomical timepiece that offers a variety of time-related and astronomical indications.
  2. Movement Complexity: The watch boasts an impressive manually-wound movement with a whopping 51 jewels. It is composed of 702 components and is a true mechanical marvel. This movement includes several complications that go beyond standard timekeeping, such as a power reserve indicator and a retrograde date display.
  3. Satellite Timekeeping: URWERK’s distinctive satellite timekeeping system is a hallmark of the brand. The UR-1001 also features this system, with revolving hour and minute satellites that indicate the time in an unconventional and visually stunning manner.
  4. Miles Traveled Indicator: One unique feature of the UR-1001 is the ”Miles Traveled” indicator, which calculates and displays the distance the Earth’s equator has moved you. This is a distinctive and imaginative way of tracking the passage of time.
  5. Planetary Calendar: The pocket watch also has a complex planetary calendar that shows the current position of the Earth in its orbit and the day and night lengths at your specific location.
  6. Limited Production: As with many URWERK timepieces, the UR-1001 is produced in limited numbers, adding to its exclusivity and desirability among watch collectors and enthusiasts.
  7. Impeccable Craftsmanship: The watch is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and is available in various materials, including precious metals like platinum and rose gold, ensuring that it is not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically appealing.
  8. Large Size: True to its pocket watch heritage, the UR-1001 is relatively large in size, with a diameter that is significantly larger than most wristwatches.

The URWERK UR-1001 Pocket Watch represents the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking artistry and innovation, offering a unique and captivating approach to timekeeping while paying homage to the classic tradition of pocket watches. It is a remarkable piece that appeals to watch collectors, horology enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the blending of mechanical mastery and artistic design in a single timepiece.

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