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We, at ClockInfo.com are dedicated to provide information about all types and kinds of antique and retro clocks. Hopefully antique clock enthusiasts & collectors will find our site essential.

Our antique clock information & guide

Clock collectors & enthusiasts can get information they need before they purchase a new or old clock for their home decor or personal collection. This clock info are mainly about old clocks identification in distinguishing the different types, designs & styles of antique, old, retro & vintage clocks.

This guide has 7 main topics: (1) The antique clock basic knowledge where you can learn tips if you want to purchase a vintage clock or sell your old clocks. The other categories are: (2) Antique wall clock guide, (3) old mantel clocks, (4) grandfather clocks, (5) anniversary clocks & (6) antique clocks by type. We also include a lot of information about (7) pocket watches which are also collectible timepieces.

Our site is about anything that has to do with collecting or purchasing antique timepieces. Our topics are related to antique clock identification, collectible clocks designs & styles like French, British, German clocks, we also have a section about antique, vintage American clocks as well as pocket watches collecting.