What are vintage neon clocks?

Vintage neon clocks are a type of decorative timepiece that combines the classic functionality of a clock with the eye-catching glow of neon tubing. These clocks were particularly popular in the mid-20th century and are highly collectible today.

Rare Pepsi Cola Neon Clock
Rare Pepsi Cola Neon Clock

Vintage neon clock comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. Neon light clock shows off brightness that can attract people’s attention.

Since its creation, the vintage neon clock was typically used by the business community for commercial purposes. An antique neon wall clock, specifically, was used vigorously in the advertising world.

For instance, a cafe can put a neon sign clock with picture of a cup of brewing coffee on the wall inside or outside its edifice. In this way, the cafe can attract a significant number of customers who may patronize their products.

A tidbit of history neon wall clock

The inception of vintage neon clock would not have happened if Georges Claude had not invented the neon light in the late 19th century. When modern clocks were invented in 1920, the integration of the neon light into the clock also took place.

Household wall clocks were attached with neon lights of different hues that paved the way to the start of neon wall clocks.

Neon wall clock parts

The composition of a classic neon wall clock is metal or plastic of durable kind. The neon is a complete circle, colored tube stressing the detailed, vibrant logo on the face. The clock has accuracy and quartz movement.

The neon is operated through a lightweight neon transformer with an on/off switch on the cord. This enables a person to stop the neon without halting the clock. The clock functions on AA battery or some other power sources.

Different shapes of neon wall clocks

A vintage neon clock has remarkable shapes. Aside from the classic circular shape neon sign clock, the consumers can buy a guitar shape blue neon clock, a tower shape neon clock, or a heart shape neon clock, among others.

Neon wall clock designs

It is good to pick a remarkable antique neon wall clocks with varieties of logos of famous commercial brands.

Beverage neon clocks

Vintage beverage neon clocks are Coca-Cola neon wall clocks and Pepsi Cola neon wall clocks. Before, in the 19th and 20th century, these neon wall clocks were found in the soda fountains.

Back then, the people enjoyed watching the vintage neon wall clocks while drinking their genuine sodas.

Liquor neon clocks

A selection of liquor neon wall clocks are the following: Beer neon clock, Jack Daniels neon clock, The Jack Daniel’s Bottle & Jug neon clock, Neon beer clocks, Budweiser neon clocks, Bud light neon clocks and Corona clock double neon clock.

These vintage neon wall clocks can be found in different pubs, beerhouses, and nightclubs.

Automotive neon clocks/ auto neon clocks

Take a seat in a pleasurable ride of choosing different antique neon wall clocks such as the Chevy neon clock, Super Chevy service neon clock, Harley Davidson neon clock/Harley neon clock, Corvette neon clock, Ford Neon Clock, Mustang neon clock, Ford Mustang Neon Display with Clock and Toyota neon clock.

Aviation neon wall clocks

Antique Aviation neon wall clock have neon airplane clock and neon wall airplane clock beneath its wings.

Airplane lovers cannot just collect its toy replica, but can also buy different aviation neon clocks.

Neon sports clocks

There are many vintage neon sports wall clocks to choose from. Some of the popular models include the NFL neon clocks, Billiard neon clock/pool table neon, and Billiards Chrome Finished Neon clock.

Music neon clocks

Music-lovers can find a new form of figurative music by seeing vintage music neon wall clocks.

Examples of music neon clocks are the Wurlitzer music neon clock and the rock ola neon clock.

Other neon wall clock designs

Other popular vintage neon wall clocks are the Big Boy neon clock, Thunderbird neon clock, Betty Boop neon clock, Sinclair Dino Gas Neon Clock, Garage neon clock, GTO Double Neon Wall Clock, College neon clock, and snap on neon clock.

Media-related vintage neon wall clocks are also unique. Some of these neon clocks are the TV neon clock, Star Trek Wall Clock Neon Original Crew Style, Movies neon clock and 3 stooges neon clock.

If you like a splendid antique neon clock, you can choose from some rare collections of neon wall clocks with different designs or logos.

You can display an awesome neon light clock according to your own taste and style, or just put it in your living room, or place it in a transparent case for safekeeping.

Here are some key characteristics and details about vintage neon clocks:

  1. Neon Lighting: The most distinctive feature of vintage neon clocks is their neon lighting. Neon gas-filled tubes create a vibrant, colorful, and often animated display that serves both as a functional clock and a decorative light source. The neon tubing emits a soft, warm glow that can be customized to various colors and designs.
  2. Art Deco and Mid-Century Aesthetics: Many vintage neon clocks are designed in the Art Deco or mid-century modern style, which was prevalent during the 1920s to 1960s. These designs often incorporate sleek lines, bold typography, and geometric shapes, making them visually appealing and a reflection of the design sensibilities of their time.
  3. Variety of Styles: Vintage neon clocks come in a wide range of styles and designs. Some feature popular brands, logos, and advertising, while others display thematic designs, such as automotive or beverage themes. The choice of design and color can vary significantly, allowing collectors to find clocks that match their preferences.
  4. Collectibility: Due to their nostalgic charm and historical significance, vintage neon clocks have become highly collectible items. Collectors often seek out clocks associated with specific brands, products, or themes, and the rarity and condition of a clock can greatly impact its value.
  5. Advertising and Branding: Many vintage neon clocks served as advertising and branding tools. They were commonly found in diners, bars, gas stations, and other commercial establishments. These clocks promoted products or businesses and added to the ambiance of the environment.
  6. Maintenance: Vintage neon clocks require proper maintenance to keep the neon tubing and clock mechanism in working order. Neon tubes may need to be replaced if they no longer illuminate, and the clock movement might require servicing to ensure accurate timekeeping.
  7. Restoration and Preservation: Some collectors and enthusiasts take on the task of restoring vintage neon clocks to their original glory. This may involve cleaning, re-gassing the neon tubes, repainting, and other restoration work.
  8. Artistic and Decorative Value: Beyond their functionality, vintage neon clocks are appreciated for their artistic and decorative value. They can add a touch of nostalgia and a retro vibe to homes, offices, and commercial spaces.
  9. Custom Neon Clocks: While vintage neon clocks are highly sought after, custom neon clocks continue to be crafted today. These clocks allow for personalized designs and messages, making them popular as unique decorative pieces.
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