What is a Masonic pocket watch?

Dudley Model Gold Masonic Pocket Watch, circa 1924
Dudley Model Gold Masonic Pocket Watch, circa 1924

How do you identify Freemason watches? Learn about the famous triangular pocket watch and the mysterious symbols used on antique Masonic timepieces.

Information on Freemasons pocket watches

Every free thinker should keep time with a Masonic pocket watch. Famous pocket watch makers have long served Freemasons by making specially-designed pocket watches for the organization.

What makes a Freemasons pocket watch special?

The Freemason order is a fraternity of men who have come together to do good and improve their knowledge and culture. The order’s philosophies are enshrouded with the occult symbolism, which is reflected in Masonic pocket watches. Each watch is adorned with metaphorical objects that allude the Freemasonic rituals.

Symbols in a Masonic pocket watch

The most popular symbols are the compass and square that forms a diamond with the letter “G” in the middle. Other symbols engraved on Freemasons pocket watches are the plumb, trowel, level, and many more items pertaining to masonry. The most common design of Freemason timepieces is the hunter case pocket watch. The watch’s cover is usually engraved or enameled with Masonic symbols, either on the front or back cover.

The triangular Masonic pocket watch has an enigmatic design because it alludes to the Freemason’s symbol of a pyramid with an all seeing eye. Most of these symbolic timepieces have come with fobs to compliment their designs.

What are famous antique Masonic pocket watches?

The Dudley Masonic pocket watch is one of the most coveted Freemasonic jewelry throughout the ages. It was originally designed by William Wallace Dudley, a member who used to work as a designer and superintendent of manufacture at Hamilton Watch Company.

Other brands that manufactured Freemasonic pocket watch are Elgin and Minerva. Swiss-made are also available, most of which are encased in gold or silver. Newer Masonic pocket watch series are commonly made of stainless steel and come with a sturdy and padded cases, making them easy to store, carry and display.