Naruto pocket watches

Japanese cartoon Naruto pocket watch for anime fans

Japanese cartoon Naruto pocket watch for anime fans
Japanese cartoon Naruto pocket watch for anime fans

Find out the different pocket watches inspired by the popular anime and manga series Naruto, with timepieces engraved with emblem of Konoha and other shinobi countries.

A pocket watch inspired by the popular anime & manga series Naruto

Naruto is a Japanese comic series by Masashi Kishimoto featuring ninjas, or shinobis, in action-packed battles.

Its fame has spread worldwide, which led to a number of merchandize for fans of the show and anime collectors alike.

Merchandize include video games, trading cards, plushies, posters, DVDs, accessories and action figures, which are highly sought-after anime collectibles.

Then there’s the not-so-common collectible for hardcore fans – a Naruto-themed pocket watch.

The Naruto pocket watch

Naruto pocket watches have battery-powered movements housed in stainless steel or gunmetal hunter case. The familiar Konoha emblem, like the one on Uzumaki Naruto’s forehead protector, adorns the cover.

The watch’s face showcases the most famous symbols in the series such as the Sharingan eye, Akatsuki sign, Uchiha clan’s symbol and the emblems of other villages.

Other versions of the watch feature the faces of the main characters like Sakura, Madara, Kakashi, Gaara, Sasuke and, of course, Uzumaki Naruto.

Furthermore, the shapes of Naruto timepieces aren’t limited to the traditional pocket watch design. You can find designs that mimic ninja weapons like the kunai and throwing star. There are even pieces that glow in the dark.

Buying a Naruto pocket watch

These watches are available in various online anime shopping stores like the Otaku Shop.

Prices vary from one store to another but they usually fall between USD 10 to around USD 100, depending on the metal casing used, complexity & details of the design, quality of the movement and the overall packaging of the item.

Just a warning to anime fans who plans on buying a pocket watch: Be wary of watches being sold for less than 10 bucks in auction websites like eBay.

These overly-cheap watches will mostly likely stop working within the first few weeks or may not work at all. We highly recommended that you inquire about the item’s condition before buying the item.

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