Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watches

Fullmetal Alchemist large round carved pocket watch
Fullmetal Alchemist large round carved pocket watch
Fullmetal Alchemist large round carved pocket watch

FMA pocket watches are usually based on the timepiece that the main character Edward Elric carries with him. Check out this article about variations of pocket watches themed after the famous Japanese manga Fullmetal Alchemist.

Carry the symbol of an Amestris State Alchemist with an outstanding replica of Edward Elric’s Full Metal Alchemist pocket watch.

The essential features of Edward’s pocket watch are replicated in excellent detail.

The memorable inscription, the Flamel symbol and the emblem of Amestris are highlighted in all versions of the watch.

Edward Elric’s pocket watch is a hunter pocket watch decorated with the “Flamel” symbol, in reference to the alchemist Nicolas Flamel, on one side and the insignia of the State Military of Amestris on the other.

Similar to the timepiece in the anime and manga series, the crude inscription “Don’t Forget 3 Oct. 10.” is engraved on the watch’s inner dome.

The watch features a working battery-operated quartz movement housed in brass, stainless steel or brushed stainless steel case. A rare and more expensive version of the watch has a case made of silver.

The dial is enameled white and is adorned with hours, minutes and seconds Breguet-inspired hands. At the center of the watch’s face is the same “Flamel” symbol painted in black. The numbers are represented in black Roman numerals.

A 24-hour secondary dial is featured on the lower right side of the primary dial. To add authenticity, a metal chain is included in the package.

The cheaper Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watch comes in a Steampunk-inspired cylinder with the photo of Edward and Alphonse Elric. The more expensive version comes in an elegant wooden box.

The FMA timepiece has become an item of value to both fans and anime collectors. It is a priced timepiece that is a frequent centerpiece in most Full Metal Alchemist cosplays.

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