What are steampunk pocket watches?

Antique steampunk pocket watch with Roman numeral case
Antique steampunk pocket watch with Roman numeral case

What are the common features of steampunk pocket watches? Explore the main characteristics of the timepieces inspired by the steampunk movement.

What is a steampunk pocket watch?

The steampunk genre is an amalgamation of science, fiction and fantasy that borrows heavily from Victorian fashion. The genre gained popularity in the 1980s together with its digital counterpart – the cyberpunk genre.
Adherents to this innovative, highly-decorative art are called steampunks.

The primary gadget of steampunks is the pocket watch. These are basically timepieces personalized and decorated by steampunks.

The timepiece of steampunks

During personalization, referred to as steam-punking, a normal watch undergoes dis-integration from its original form; bits and pieces from other items such as gears, bolts and washers are soldered onto the watch.

To keep the Victorian-steam-techno aesthetics, copper, brass and bronze are heavily added to the original design. Steampunk pocket watches are artful and unique. They make great collectible items for pocket watch, vintage art and gadget lovers.

These timepieces can be worn in different ways. It can be used as an alternative to a woman’s necklace or bracelet. It can also be attached to a chain and be worn on the wrist by men or simply kept in pockets.

Motifs and designs of this type of watch range from an all-geary look to an elegant digital pocket watch. With little help, collectors and makers can create their own steampunk-inspired timepiece.

They can start by putting readily-available parts, like gears from other watches and other mechanical materials, together. They just have to keep one thing in mind – to keep the device working while perking up its look. Much like other timepieces, a steampunk pocket watch may either be mechanical or battery-powered.

Mechanical types are vintage-looking with jewels and are cased in highly ornate copper or bronze. Battery-powered watches use lesser materials.

Buying a steampunk pocket watch

Recently, the internet has become one of the best venue to buy pocket watches. Most online shops offer a wide array of steampunk-inspired timepieces at reasonable prices which range from USD $20 to $100 (prices may change through time). Some shops also offer the chance to build your own watch but for additional charges.

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