Women’s Pocket Watches

Women’s Pocket Watch – Necklace Style

What are the best pocket watch designs for women? Read this article to have an idea on the different kinds of pocket watches for ladies and how to wear them elegantly.

Women’s pocket watches, though ideally made for keeping time, evolved to become a fashion statement during the Victorian and Edwardian eras

During these periods, it was also fashionable for men to carry pocket watches but they usually kept them inside a small pouch called a fob. The ladies, since they were wearing full dresses, wore their watches around their necks.

Pocket watch necklace, also referred to as pocket watch pendant, was worn as jewelry. It was smaller in size compared to those worn by men but had more elaborate designs.

Revival of pocket watches for women

The popularity of pocket watches declined in the 1950s when men and women saw it more practical to wear wrist watches, instead.

Today, the vintage look of accessorizing with a pocket is making a steady comeback.

Whether you fished out the watch from your grandmother’s chest or bought it from an antique shop, this exquisite timepiece will surely make an edgy fashion statement.

Feminine pocket watch designs tend to be more ornate compared to those for men, mostly made of gold, silver, stainless steel or titanium.

Feminine pocket watch styles

Victorian pocket watches

The whimsical Victorian lady’s pocket watches have sophisticated and highly-decorative designs.

Timepieces from this era often have rice pearl adornments, heavy gold gilding, and intricate precious stone inlays on the lid.

Victorian ladies wore these intricately-designed watches to complement their voluminous dresses.

Edwardian pocket watches

During this period, ladies stopped using corset and fashion was mellower.

An Edwardian-style pocket watch is a little laid-back in style when compared to Victorian. The timepieces had simpler designs, less cluttered.

The most common type of decoration on watches of these era are engravings on the cover and enamel paintings on the casings.

Steampunk pocket watches

Steampunk is a modern romantization of the Victorian elegance, oftentimes referred to as Neo-Victorian. This fashion philosophy came into prominence as a reaction towards digitalization of gadgets and accessories.

Steampunk pocket watches aim to mimic the mechanical feel of antique pocket watches. It does this by making use of glass and metal cases, highlighting the inner workings of the timepiece.

Ideas how to wear your pocket watch

When accessorizing with an elborately-designed lady’s pocket watch, keep the rest of your accents minimal so as not to look gaudy. Make the watch the focal point.

With a long slide chain

A slide chain has a device – called the slide – that works as a pulley to adjust the length of the necklace. The end of the chain has a watch swivel where the watch is attached.

To complement the ornate designs of the timepieces, jewelers crafted fancy slides, which are sometimes embellished with gemstomes or filigrees.

Long chain pendant watches look so vintage chic when worn over a dainty sun dress, or so cosmopolitan when paired with a tailored sheath dress.

On a pin

Women’s pocket watches can also be fastened onto small decorative pins. These are brooches with a snap loop where a watch can be suspended on.

Some pins have a drop pin to help ladies open their pocket watches with ease.

Fashionistas turn heads with a stately fashion article – a feminine pocket watch worn on a watch pin, can be. Wore this like a brooch to highlight your dress or a wide lapel.

On a chatelaine

A chatelaine is group of chains with a clasp at each end for holding keys, trinkets, and occasionally, women’s pocket watches.

Chatelaines are worn at the lady’s waist and Victorian ladies clipped them to their corsets.

Today, corset tops are revived in the runway. Accent your corset with a ladies pocket watch on a chatelaine to make you look sophisticated yet edgy.