Skeleton pocket watches

Pocket watch with chain mechanical, skeletonized and visible movement.
Pocket watch with chain mechanical, skeletonized and visible movement.

Pocket watch with chain mechanical, skeletonized and visible movement.
Pocket watch with chain mechanical, skeletonized and visible movement.

Everything you should know about skeleton pocket watches. Catch on the latest trend in timekeeping with a timepiece that lets you see its inner clockworks.

A skeleton pocket watch, also referred to as skeletal or skeletonized watch, is a watch that adheres to the design philosophy that highlights the inner workings of the timepiece more than its casing, which is common in traditional pieces.

This effect is usually achieved by using a minimalist case: either a transparent material (glass or crystal) or barebone casing; highlighting the usually-hidden artistry of the watch’s mechanism.

The skeleton pocket watch

The cases of skeletonized pocket watches can be made of stainless steel, brushed steel, silver and gold-filled metal; but occasionally, pieces encased in 18k gold are introduced.

In some instances, the housing of this type of watch is ornate and engraved with different designs and motifs. Similar to the other types of pocket watches, the skeleton comes with either an electronic quartz movement or the traditional mechanical movement.

Those with quartz movement are very common. They are popular for their precise time-keeping, inexpensiveness and low maintenance cost; prices usually do not go beyond USD 100.

The presence of an electronic quartz movement also means longer operating life. Akribos, Avalon and Colibri are three of the most popular makers of battery-powered skeleton watches.

Skeletonized pocket watches with mechanical movements are the modern revival of the classic designs.

They are considered works of art due to the high level of craftsmanship and experience needed to manufacture them; making these timepieces sought-after by modern collectors.

The price of a mechanical models ranges from USD 100 to 1000; price variations largely depend on the maker, quality and the metal used. Well-known makers are Charles-Hubert and Aerowatch.
The case of a skeleton pocket watch

Skeleton timepieces can be an open-faced or a hunter pocket watch (full, half, double and double-half casings). Initially, these bare bone timepieces were created for men; but over time, they have become more popular accessories to women. Casings for the women’s version often depict floral and other artistic engravings.

Where to buy a skeleton pocket watch

The internet has become one of the best places to buy pocket watches. Online stores provide many options for you to choose from and they are almost cheaper than those sold in stores. Just make sure to buy from trusted online stores such as Over Stock and Amazon.

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