How to start your own pocket watch collection

How to start your own pocket watch collection

Become one of the many pocket watch collectors. Check this article that provides a step-by-step guide to getting started with collecting antique & vintage pocket watches.

Want to be a pocket watch collector? 5 steps to get you started collecting pocket watches. Becoming a pocket watch collector involves more than just knowledge and resources.

Knowing how to start right is the key to building your own pocket watch collection.

Step 1. Gather information about pocket watch collecting

The popular adage “Knowledge is power.” is applicable in collecting as in real life. As a budding collector, you must start by understanding pocket watches – their mechanisms, the different types, popular brands, etc.

In this regard, the Internet and books are your best friend. The internet holds thousands of articles related to pocket watches and your local library should have a wide selection of books about clocks, watches and pocket watches.

Learn the history of pocket watches and its evolution through time and names like Waltham, Hamilton and Minerva will start to make sense. You will also be acquainted to terms like pocket watch grades, escapement, movement, the number of jewels and dials.

Step 2. Communicate with other pocket watch collectors

While books and articles are invaluable resources, the best information often comes from insiders – seasoned pocket watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Join online community boards dedicated to watches. These communities provide a great chance to communicate and interact with other pocket watch collectors (newbies and veterans).

The wealth of information and tips in online forums is enormous because they come from first-hand experiences.

But with regards to info, nothing beats collectors, dealers and horologists in your area. Attend local watch exhibits and other gatherings to build your network. The personal connection with other pocket watch enthusiasts will prove invaluable as your collection grows.

Step 3. Pick the type of pocket watch you want to collect

After gathering all the needed information from books, online sources and other collectors, you should now have a general idea on the state of pocket watch collecting.

What brands are valuable and popular; who to contact for more information; where to find deals; and more.

Equipped with all these, decide on the type of pocket watch that you want to collect.

A fascination with railroad grade pocket watches may have grown in you or the intricate case engravings of some hunter pocket watches have more appeal to you.

Whichever type you want to collect, nothing beats the joy of the first acquisition.

Step 4. Buy items for your pocket watch collection

Buying pocket watches can be tricky. It requires resources, a keen eye for details, a catalog and a price guide for pocket watches within reach. Having a loupe, a magnification device to make out small details, will be very useful during appraisals and transactions.

Scout for pocket watches and prices online; Ebay is a good place to start. There are several online shops and pocket watches classified ads devoted to modern and vintage. You can also visit local dealers.

Step 5. Display your pocket watch collection

As your collection grows, reliable storage will become essential. Housing pocket watches in display cases, stands or boxes will protect these intricate items from dust.

There are display cases that are designed to hold up to 24 pocket watches being sold online and in collectors shops. Glass pocket watch domes, which can accommodate a single watch, is a great container for the most valuable items in your collection.