How to buy anniversary clock

KONRAD MAUCH & SCHATZ German Anniversary Clocks

KONRAD MAUCH & SCHATZ German Anniversary Clocks

So you like to surprise your beloved with an elegant anniversary clock, but seem daunting when it comes to choosing the best brand among significant numbers of anniversary clock makers.

Just read on below some very useful information on how to buy anniversary clock, which can greatly help you in selecting the right brand for your surprise, or some invaluable tips in buying an antique anniversary clock for your personal collection.

Origin of the anniversary clock

First off, it is important to know how the anniversary clock is made, when it first appeared, who invented it, and what makes it very special. Clock historians say that the clock was first created by the German clockmaker, Anton Harder, in around 1880.

Harder first called it a 400-Day Clock for its capability to run on its own for four hundred days on a single winding. But it was only in 1901 that the clock finally got its present name as coined and copyrighted by the Bowler & Burdock Company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now, with its name in place, many anniversary clock makers around the world have began to produce great numbers of this singular style of clock, catering also to the considerably huge demands in the market.

The two well-known German anniversary clock makers, Schatz and Kundo, were originally the main manufacturers that mastered the intricate design of the clock.

In 1950s, seventy years since its inception, anniversary clocks gained much popularity among the consumers, especially to vintage clock collectors. The growing popularity was much attributed to the clock’s attractive design with its remarkable glass case or dome, fascinating mechanical precision as well as silence, and its higher efficiency compare to that of modern clocks.

What makes anniversary clock special?

Anniversary clock makers utilize perfectly the very idea of the clock mechanical design. Unlike the usual pendulum, which uses a swinging weight, 400 day anniversary clock makes use of a torsion pendulum that rotates slowly clockwise and counterclockwise.

And as the name suggests, the clock ideally makes a wonderful gift idea for weddings or any special event that needs a memorable token for the celebration.

For instance, if your 25th Wedding Anniversary is fast approaching, a silver anniversary clock will surely make an ideal present for your wife. Or if you’re searching for a perfect gift to give to your Mom and Dad for their coming Golden Celebration, surprise them with 50th anniversary clocks.

A very apt and symbolic gift, indeed, just as every married couple needs a time to unwind and celebrate their wedding anniversary, the anniversary clock also needs its annual winding for it to function in great precision for another 400 days.

When collecting and buying vintage anniversary clocks

If you are into vintage clock collection, you cannot simply go wrong purchasing a Kundo anniversary clock and a Schatz anniversary clock. And if you search for an ideal vintage gift to your Mom, a charming Elgin anniversary clock is your sure bet.

Other notable clockmakers are the S. Haller & Sohne Co., Kaiser, Kern, Kieninger Clock Factory, Bowler & Burdock Company, Bulova Anniversary Clock, Seiko, Seth Thomas, Howard Miller anniversary clock, Michael Schad, and Hermle Anniversary Clock.

Important buying anniversary clock guide and tips

When it comes to selecting the right one for her or him, there are two important things that you need to consider. You need, first and foremost, to mull over what specific anniversary clock design that complement best to the recipient’s home style and décor. Anniversary clocks vary in designs that correspond ideally to various home interior themes.

Secondly, and this is the most important tip to consider, both clock experts and savvy buyers would highly advise you to purchase only from one of those reputable and trusted anniversary clock makers, which some of them have already been mentioned above.

You can now visit your local clock retailers or make a quick search in the Internet to find that unique anniversary clock you’ve been looking for. The clock may cost you a princely amount of money, but heirloom-quality clocks are a good investment as they are likely to increase in value with time.

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