Grandfather clock makers

There have been many clockmakers and manufacturers known for crafting grandfather clocks, also referred to as longcase clocks or tall-case clocks, over the centuries. Some of these clockmakers are particularly renowned for their craftsmanship and contributions to horology.

Scandinavian inspired designed Howard Miller Arendal grandfather clock
Scandinavian inspired designed Howard Miller Arendal grandfather clock
Scandinavian inspired designed Howard Miller Arendal grandfather clock

Do you have a grandfather clock and you want to learn about its manufacturer? Or you want to know other famous and quality grandfather clock makers? Know them here as we provide the names and brief description of distinguished grandfather clock makers.

Popular antique grandfather clock makers

The rarity and the charm of antique timepieces such as the grandfather clock is something that attracts people to acquire them. It is also undeniable that these vintage treasures gain value easily nowadays because of their luxurious and classic facades, not to mention their precise timekeeping abilities.

Here are some of the noted and famous antique grandfather clock makers that brought us equally famed timepieces:

Ingrahm – located in Connecticut and was made from 1828 – 1978. The founder Elias Ingraham received 17 patents for clock parts, his son Edward pioneered enamel paint techniques that lead to a large number of black Ingrahm mantle clocks.

Ansonia – produced from 1850 until 1929 specializing in upscale novelty clocks such as swinging and statue, figurine clocks. The company is based in Bristol, CT and Brooklyn, NY which declined after World War I loosing much of their business to lower-cost clock makers.

New Haven – founded in 1853 as The New Haven Clock Company. They led the mass production of brass clock movements in America; however, they were bankrupt in 1960.

Gilberts – operated from 1886 until 1871 because it was destroyed by the fire. The Gilbert Manufacturing Company was rebuilt a year later as William L. Gilbert Clock Company. It was sold to the Spartus Corporation of Chicago in 1964.

Top current grandfather clock manufacturers

Today’s grandfather clock manufacturers are successors of the famous antique clock makers then. Although not all, some companies are prominent producers of grandfather clocks that have been passed on from a particular ownership to the other.

Waterbury – Waterbury Clock Co. is an icon in American homes which was founded in 1875. They produced a large number of wall and mantle clocks and also made watches. It later changed its name to US Time Corporation. Waterbury continues to operate today as the Timex Corporation.

Hermle Clocks – founded by Franz Hermle nearly 100 years ago in the Black Forest. Hermle Clock Company is one of the worlds lead manufacturer of German grandfather clocks.

Hermle’s timepieces are exquisite and stately heirlooms worthy to treasure for generations. They feature remarkable finishes on their exotic veneers and hardwoods. They also come with unique details such as ornate gold and silver clocks dials, moon phase accents, and polished brass lyre pendulum and weight shells.

Howard Miller Clock Company – founded in 1926 as the Herman Miller Clock Company. It was then a division of Herman Miller’s furniture company and was later on managed and renamed after Herman’s son Howard C. Miller in 1937.

The company is titled to as the “world’s largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks which still operates today and is one of the makers of top class long case clocks.

Ridgeway Clocks – is a producer of longcase, mantle and wall clocks and is actually a division of the Howard Miller Company. The company was bought by Miller in November 2004.

Ridgeway was formerly named The Gravely Furniture. Their grandfather clocks started exclusive production in 1960, making them the oldest company to continuously produce grandfather clocks in the United States.

Seth Thomas Clock Company – named after Seth Thomas, the famous 19th century American clock maker. They presently manufacture long case, mantel, wall, and tabletop clocks which is now owned by the Colibri Group.

The company temporarily stopped their operations on January 16, 2009 and went into receivership but came back on May 4, 2009 under new owners.

Bulova Watch Company – named after Joseph Bulova, it is founded and incorporated as the J. Bulova Company in 1875 and was reincorporated under the Bulova Watch Company in 1923.

Citizen Holdings Company purchased Bulova on January 10, 2008 for $247 million. Today, Bulova designs, manufactures, and markets a number of different brands like Caravelle, Wittnauer Swiss, Accutron, and their signature “Bulova”.

Other famous grandfather clock makers

Tempus Fugit – the tempus fugit term is a Latin word that means “time flies”, it is not a recognized brand of timepiece but what makes it famous is its incorporation with the top grandfather clock makers such as Howard Miller and Kieninger.

Buyers must be aware that only distinguished tempus fugit carries along the brand or the name identification of a famous clock company. A modern Tempus Fugit grandfather clock measures a height of 14.75 ft and a width of 11 inches, the tempus fugit sign is marked on top.

Hentschel – each these timepieces are noted for their excellence and are crafted with the same pride that every Hentschel carries along dating back to the originals since 1890.

Every movement of a Hentschel clock is of exact precision. The grandfather clock hands are crafted, assembled, and finished by hands.

Gustav Becker – named after its maker, Gustav Becker timepieces easy to identify, almost all his clocks including the tall cases are weight driven that followed with the introduction of the spring driven mechanisms.

Becker’s clocks bear his trademark and serial number on the dial and weights. They are likewise famous for quality workmanship; grandfather clocks with Becker’s name on them are far more valuable than lesser-known clock makers even if they have the same quality.

Edward Meyer – manufactures a wide selection of quality grandfather clocks but with lower prices. The Edward Meyer brand is actually manufactured in China and distributed in the United States by varied retailers.

Even though the company does not hold a distinguished history compared to other famous clock makers, Edward Meyer are manufactured in extremely high and notable standards.

Additional notable grandfather clock makers and manufacturers:

Thomas Tompion (1639-1713): Thomas Tompion is often considered one of the most important clockmakers in English history. He was known for creating high-quality, precision timepieces, including longcase clocks.

George Graham (1673-1751): George Graham was another influential English clockmaker. He made significant advancements in clockmaking and is known for his precision regulators and longcase clocks.

Joseph Knibb (1640-1711): Joseph Knibb was a talented clockmaker known for his fine craftsmanship, and his clocks are highly sought after by collectors.

John Harrison (1693-1776): John Harrison is famous for his work on marine chronometers, which revolutionized navigation. While not primarily a longcase clock maker, his contributions to horology are significant.

Eli Terry (1772-1852): Eli Terry was an American clockmaker who is often credited with popularizing mass production techniques for clocks, including longcase clocks.

Ridgeway Clocks: Ridgeway Clocks is another well-known contemporary clock manufacturer, producing a variety of traditional and modern grandfather clocks.

Herschede Hall Clock Company: This American clock company was known for crafting high-quality grandfather clocks in the 20th century.

Kieninger: A German clock manufacturer that produces high-quality mechanical grandfather clocks.

Comitti of London: A well-respected British clockmaker known for its handcrafted longcase clocks.

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