Grandfather clock kits

Grandfather clock kits are do-it-yourself packages that contain all the necessary components and parts to assemble a traditional tall-case clock, commonly known as a grandfather clock. These kits typically include the clock movement (the internal mechanism responsible for keeping time), the clock dial (the face of the clock), the weights, pendulum, chime system, and often the wooden cabinet or case components.

Tubular Bell Grandfather Clock Kit
An image of a Tubular Bell Grandfather Clock Kit

Do you want to own a grandfather clock but you can’t just spend too much for one? Grandfather clocks kits allow you to have your very own elegant timepiece read on and know how.

Grandfather clock kits

Grandfather clocks are reputed for their pricey elegance making them inaccessible to the majority of the population. However, there are clock kits that come in an extensive variety you can choose from and a grandfather clock kit is one of the most popular.

Anyone can own a grandfather clock, with just a modest amount of money and a great deal of do-it-yourself spirit. Grandfather clocks kits contain all components needed: hardware, wood, and thorough instructions to build your own.

These components are already cut, drilled, and sanded; some of them are already fully assembled. What’s left for the owner to do is to stain and put the pieces together into a classic timepiece.

Who can build a grandfather clock kit?

Anyone can build their own grandfather clock kit depending on the level of your skills. These clock kits have different and specific tool and skill requirement. They are available in different skill levels but no need to worry because there is lot of kits to choose from.

For beginners and those who have none or very little knowledge on woodwork, you can purchase a kit with much of the difficult work already done. All you have to do is put them all together by following the instructions.

For those who are willing to spend more time to do and have a more or less skills to can simply purchase the hardware, movements, dials, and pendulums and they can construct their own clock case.

But for those who are really into grandfather clocks and so does have hardcore woodworking skills can simply purchase a grandfather clock design plan and build the kit from scratch.

Build your own grandfather clock

Putting together a grandfather clock kit is surprisingly quick and easy. It entails no special tools and no specific woodworking knowledge. Assembling it requires only the most common household tools such as a screwdriver and a hammer.

It is quite amazing how you can really assemble a grandfather clock with just the proper plans, the right tools, and the enthusiast and passion to do so.

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to put together your own grandfather clock kit.

1. Grandfather clocks typically stands 6 ½ feet tall. So the first step would be to cut out two sections of wood, each is 18 inches high by 8 inches wide. . Saw 2 more sections of equal height by a width of 14 inches. These 4 pieces will form the rough shape of the hood or the top section of the grandfather clock.

2. Cut the tops of the two wider pieces into the shape of an arch using the coping saw. These two pieces become the front and back of the hood. Trim the narrow pieces to fit as the sides of the hood.

3. Use the coping saw to cut an arch-shaped window of one of the wider pieces of the hood. Cut out almost the entire piece, leaving just a narrow frame about ½ inches wide.

4. Using a fretsaw cut additional small arches in the center on each of the side pieces measuring 4(wide) x 8(height) inches. The 2 side pieces and the cut out front should be glued together forming a 3-sided box. Another piece of wood should be cut, with a measurement of 8 x 14 inches; glue on the hood’s top, thus this is the top of the hood.

5. Cut 2 pieces of wood, 18 x 48 inches using a regular saw and another 2 pieces, each should be 14 x 48 inches. With the use of a coping saw, cut a window out of one of the wider pieces, this will leave a ½ inch wide frame.

6. Assemble the 4 larger pieces to form a tall box which will serve as the waist of the grandfather clock. Glue the pieces in place.

7. Cut 6 pieces of wood to serve as the base of the grandfather clock. Each piece must measure 24 x 24 inches, glue them to form the shape of a cube.

8. Lastly, glue the waist on top of the base and the hood on top of the waist. Secure the clock movement inside the hood of the grandfather clock using a screw. Install the weights and the pendulum inside the waist, just the follow the instructions for their particular or specific movement.

For added information:

• The pendulum is contained in a long, wooden case.
• The slow movement of the weights operates a series of internal wheels and gears which controls the hands and dials on the clock face.
• The clock face is often decorated richly and sports additional dials that tells date and phase of the moon.

Grandfather clock kits are made available in a wide array of choices for you to find one that suits your style and skills.

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