Engraved pocket watches

Harry Houdini's Chronograph Pocket Watch

Harry Houdini's Chronograph Pocket Watch
Harry Houdini’s Chronograph Pocket Watch

Do you want to be the man of the hour? Make your name last by carving it out on a personalized pocket watch. Do you want to make a lasting impression on a special person? Make a timeless expression of your love with a customized gift.

Engraved pocket watches are as old as the history of pocket watches. Long time ago when watch cases were made of finer metals, it’s common for people to have their initials carved out on the casing.

Ideas for personalized pocket watches come in all shapes and sizes from the most expensive to the most cheap engravable pocket watches. All you need is an engravable pocket watch like this.

Where can I put the engraving on my customized pocket watch?

Traditionally, pocket watches were carved with the owner’s initials or name for identification purposes.

Monograms can be placed on the pocket watch’s front cover, the backside, or inside the casing. Aside from initials, you can also put short messages on it.

What are some ideas for a personalized pocket watch?

There is a difference between monogrammed pocket watches and those pocket watches with standard initials.

A customized watch whose owner’s name is James Riley Patterson will have engraved initials of J.R.P. But if he chooses to have it in monogram, his initials will look like JPR. The first letter of Mr. Patterson’s surname will be written in bigger font and will be placed at the center. This is the basic rule in monogramming.

Another monogramming rule is to choose a uniform font style for the letters. Mixing font styles on the pocket watch case will look unbecoming and confusing.

Want to make a legacy for the generations to come? Have your name engraved on a watch. Your initials can be carved at the front cover of a hunter case pocket watch or at the back of the case of an open face pocket watch.

Custom engraved pocket watches with messages

Custom engrave pocket watches have been a favorite birthday and retirement gifts all through the years. Personalized pocket watches are often inscribed with short messages.

To make it more memorable, you can include the date that the customized pocket watch was presented to the person.

Personalized pocket watch with engraved motto

Aside from short dedications on the watch, you can also have your favorite motto or passage engraved. This becomes a metaphor that your personal belief or the passage that you live by will stand the test of time.

Customized pocket watches for wedding

Groomsmen pocket watches are popular gifts that bridegrooms give to their male attendants on the wedding day. These gifts are usually engraved with a message or a motto and are presented as tokens of gratitude.

Did you know that there are personalized wedding pocket watches, too? These custom pocket watches can be engraved with: groom, father of the groom, father of the bride, and best man.

Personalized photo pocket watches are creative way to preserve moments in time.

Have a photograph of you and your special someone framed inside a watch and your names engraved on the cover. Special casings are made to hold photos such as the one displayed on the right.

This can be a priceless present to your loved one. It can also serve as a personal memento that you can bring around during your travels.

How much does an engraved pocket watch cost?

A custom engraved pocket watch is sold for as low as USD 40 to as high as a couple of thousands. The price, generally, depends on the metal casing and the quality of the movement. Battery-powered watches tend to be cheaper than the mechanical ones.

The number of letters and the complexity of the engravings also affect the price of the watch. The more letters and more complex the design is, the more expensive the engraving work will be; typically engravers will charge by the letters.

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