Digital pocket watches

Outdoor waterproof digital pocket watch with altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer
Outdoor waterproof digital pocket watch with altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer

Take your pick from a number of cool electronic and mechanical digital pocket watches base on their functions, designs and features.

Digital pocket watches have become the unique and elegant alternative to wristwatches. Pocket watches were once considered the symbol of class. It was briefly overshadowed by wristwatches early in the 20th century and regained its popularity in the seventies as digital pocket watches.

What is a digital pocket watch?

A digital pocket watch displays time in numbers instead of pointing hands as in an analogue watch.
There are two types of digital pocket watches’ mechanical and electronic.

Development of digital pocket watches

The first mechanical digital pocket watch was created by the French watchmaker Blondeau for the French king in the 1830s. It employed the jump-hour movement to measure the passage of time.

Mass-produced mechanical digital pocket watches appeared later that century through the Swiss company Cortebert. When wristwatches became fashionable after the First World War, both analogue and digital pocket watches slid into obscurity.

The introduction of electronic movements in the seventies allowed for the resurgence of digital pocket watches. Electric-powered timepieces are more accurate and possess advanced complications like thermostat, calendar and altimeter.

The modern revival

A modern digital pocket watch does not only provide precise timekeeping but also a functional and attractive design. Designs range from the classic gold-plated hunter-case pocket watch to a brushed stainless steel, rubber-cased piece.

There are many digital pocket watches for men to choose from. One example is the clip watch which is commonly used for outdoor activities and in workplaces where a wristwatch can hinder actions.

Far from being a male-only accessory, digital pocket watches have also become a frequent female fashion ornament of which the heart-shaped design has become a staple. Smaller versions of these timepieces can be seen attached to other accessories like a purse and even gadgets like mobile phones.

Several digital pocket watches have been released with features beyond telling time, it can be used as a compass, altimeter and barometer.

The Kisai Round Trip watch has a USB-rechargeable battery and LED display. Its unique way of telling time through colorful LED animation makes it a must-have gadget for teens and adults alike.

The Cobalt digital pocket watch is a concept design of a future pocket watch. It has a built-in MP3 player, full mobile phone functions, Bluetooth and an OLED touchscreen display which can be customized to show particular information (designs and functions will be more complex in years to come). Another concept design with similar functions is the Dial pocket watch.

Hybrid analogue-digital pocket watches are available to those looking for new timepieces with the elegance of a pocket watch classic design yet carry the accurate timekeeping of electronic digital pocket watches.

Buying a digital pocket watch

The effects of digitization of pocket watches are not limited to their design and features, these timepieces have also become cheaper. You can now buy pocket watches for as low as USD $50 (price estimate may change over time). Still, there are gold-cased or jeweled versions that costs a few hundred dollars to some thousands.