Antique anniversary clock value

Kundo Oblong Anniversary Clock Dated 1960s

Kundo Oblong Anniversary Clock Dated 1960s
Kundo Oblong Anniversary Clock Dated 1960s

You stumbled upon a very rare kind of clock in your attic. You examined it carefully and found that it was a real vintage anniversary clock.

You suspend the excitement, but you cannot help wondering how much is the value of the antique anniversary clock in your hand.

Your first thought would naturally be to go to an antique appraiser who can probably tell you the authenticity and worth of your find.

But you do not want to spend money to hire the services of a professional. That is not a problem. You just need to read on below and learn some things you want to know on determining the value of old anniversary clocks.

Antique anniversary clock valuation

Knowing the right price of an antique anniversary clock can sometimes be daunting. There are important factors that you need to consider before you can determine the vintage anniversary clock value.

The standard criteria normally include the five determining factors such as the condition, mechanical complexity and aesthetics, material, age, and the name of the antique anniversary clock maker.

Anniversary clock condition

Although, the antiquity and aesthetics contribute to the worth of a rare 400 day clock, the general condition still remains the most important factor that determines the value.

Collectors and vintage anniversary clocks buyers prefer to buy antique items on their good condition, or as much as possible on their original condition, and that the old anniversary clock will still work after some repair.

So before you show your rare vintage anniversary clock for an appraisal, it would be wise to make some necessary restoration, overhauling, and anniversary clock repair. Look for a good 400 day clock technician who can help you put your valuable anniversary clock to its best condition possible.

Anniversary clock mechanical complexity and aesthetics

The beauty and mechanical design are a huge factor that can reflect on your antique anniversary clock value. The more complex the mechanism, plus the elegance and beauty of your vintage 400 day clock, can translate to a higher value of your clock.

When it comes to aesthetics, there would probably be no problem for you. You can easily know a good valuable timepiece when you see one. But mechanical complexity is another matter. So how would you know that your clock has the mechanical complexity? The best thing that you can do is to ask the opinion of an expert.

Or you can try to examine the clock yourself and see the basic components of an anniversary clock, which commonly include the clock, glass case or dome, and the torsion pendulum.

If you see other components in the clock that serve for other unfamiliar functions, they can be considered a good sign of a complex mechanism. And that would mean a plus factor of your antique anniversary clock value.

Antique Anniversary clock material

The material used contributes largely on your antique 400 day clock price. A rare 400 day clock made of gold is far more valuable than the one that is made of iron. The known common materials that are in used for anniversary clocks include bronze, silver, gold, brass, wood veneer, solid wood, copper, iron, adamantine, plastic, marble, bakelite, and pot metal.

Anniversary clock age

The antiquity or the year when your vintage anniversary clock was made is another significant determining factor. The basic principle on antiquity applies here: the older the clock the higher its value. So how would you know the exact age of your vintage anniversary clock?

If you are lucky, you can immediately know the year your clock was made by examining it carefully. Some antique anniversary clocks have engraved labels on them, telling you the year it was manufactured and its manufacturer.

However, there are antique clocks that you can no longer read their fading labels. Or there are just no visible engravings of their makers and the year made. If that is the case, it would be advisable to ask the expertise of professional clock makers or antique collectors.

Anniversary clock-makers

Finally, the reputation of the maker affects the antique anniversary clock value. Two of the most reputable brands are the Schatz and Kundo, the German anniversary clock-makers that originally mastered the top-notch quality and design of the clock.

Just like how you can determine the age of your clock, you can also know the anniversary clock identification or its maker by looking at the visible markings that you can find in your clock.

Commonly, the names of the clock-makers are engraved in their respective symbols or trademarks. If there is none, it would be better to consult the experts.

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