Anniversary clock repair

Professional 400 day anniversary clock repair

Professional 400 day anniversary clock repair

Want to know the basics in anniversary clock repair and maintenance? You can learn some easy steps on how to repair your 400 Day Clock that may save you from paying expensive fees.

But first, it should be very clear that repairing anniversary clock ideally requires the services of a horologist. But it does not mean that you cannot learn and apply some basic knowledge on anniversary clock repair on your own. Find out below some fundamental steps in anniversary clock repair.

How to repair an anniversary clock?

There are two ways to repair your broken anniversary clock. The first one is to repair it by using the do-it-yourself method. The second one is to hire a professional.

When it comes to when to resort to the first method or the other depends on the amount of damage and repairs that your broken anniversary clock needs.

Another consideration also is to determine what kind of anniversary clock that you have. After you have done your own assessment of the problem, you can then decide on the best thing that you should do next.

Basic DIY anniversary clock repair and maintenance

There are certain cases that your broken anniversary clock only needs a simple repair, cleaning, and readjustment. You can try below the basic do-it-yourself solution on your clock before calling for a professional assistance.

Do-it-yourself anniversary clock repair involves cleaning and lubricating specific parts of the clock. So you need the following tools and materials:

• soft cloths
• clock lubricant
• glass dome cleaner
• screwdriver

Make some preliminary inspection of the clock. Open the glass dome and inspect the overall mechanism of the clock carefully. It is important to bear in mind that repairing 400 day clock entails extra care and skill.

If the torsion pendulum is stuck, see what causes it. Sometimes, an accumulation of dust or a dead insect causes the clock to stop working. Clean some parts of the clock using the soft cloth and remove the dust or insects. Be always careful not to hit the torsion pendulum or move the clock around too much.

After some cleaning, you can apply the clock lubricant properly. Avoid using strong chemical-based lubricant on your clock as it can cause discoloration of the anniversary clock parts, resulting to form a dry film residue that can eventually cause more damage on the clock.

When cleaning and lubricating are done, get another soft cloth to clean the anniversary clock glass dome. Apply some amount of your glass dome cleaner and wipe the glass surface properly.

If you want to buy a book on DIY anniversary clock repairs and maintenance, try to procure a popular and trusted book, Horolovar 400 Day Repair Manual, and other books on DIY anniversary clock repair manual such as Clock Repairing as a Hobby and Clock Repair Basics by Steven G. Conover.

Hire a professional antique clock repairman

Hiring an anniversary clock specialist can be costly. But if your 400 Day Clock has extensive damage, you should hire an expert to fix it.

However, when choosing a clock repairman, you have to be extra careful also as you do not want to end up hiring a bodger who may done more damage than solving your problem.

Aside from the usual Horological qualification that you should look for in an anniversary clock expert, you should also see his or her track record of quality works in the past.

He should also be able to provide you with a sound advice and fair estimate of the cost and time when he will be able to finish the repair of your anniversary clock.

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